Concierge Package Subscription

$599 Setup + $199 Per Month

This package offers the bells and whistles to aggressively grow your business.

All packages include digital design and files for printers. Does not include printing but you can choose your printers or we can provide quotes for quality printing.

Order This Package

While not all items are done on a monthly basis (logo design for example), the monthly fee spreads out your costs over a course of the year so you only pay a small upfront cost for setup.


Website design with e-commerce or other features added. Content updates and support are also included.


Includes the creation of one Animated Business Card. Videos are animated videos created by PMI Pros and do not include live-action video production. Any live-action footage incorporated into the video must be supplied by the customer. Take a look at some samples and learn more about the Animated Business Cards and Kwik Draw Videos that PMI Pros specializes in creating.

Quarterly Newsletter

Includes the design of up to 4 per year. Training Included.


Up to 30 secure, well-designed forms made custom for your needs over the course of your contract. These forms are editable, so you can provide these forms online without having to accept handwritten responses and enter all the resulting data into your database, saving you time and transcription errors. Our online PDF forms are designed with your branding and can be smoothly integrated into your website. These HIPAA-compliant forms are filled out by the customer online and their data is encrypted and delivered to your secure mailbox/database. This package includes the design of editable pdfs and online forms. The online forms are built directly onto a web page and form submissions will go directly to the email account(s) of your choice.

Mobile Database

A mobile business management solution is one of the most invaluable tools you can invest in to grow your business. We specialize in client-server cloud-based business management systems.

You and all the members of your staff can use these systems while on service calls, making sales, or just managing day-to-day tasks such as updating contacts, creating invoices, updating inventory, and handle billing.These solutions can be integrated with your shopping cart so that when customers purchase an item from your website, your billing and inventory are updated and the database helps you create shipping labels.

Facebook Page Setup

Includes one social media page setup. Additional social media page setups can be purchased a la carte. For Facebook and Twitter setups, a business/organization page will be set up with the about section filled out; a cover photo and profile picture will also be added.

Facebook Branded Posts

Four posts per month, at least nine of which will be original content (not shared posts). We create branded posts with your logo in the graphic to make your brand clearly identifiable even when shared by other users. If it is ever saved offline or posted elsewhere, it will still have your logo on it.


Includes setup and management of your online store.

E-mail Management 

Secure, HIPAA-compliant email.

Tracking Prospects

Know exactly who your prospects are and how they found you.

Insights and Analytics

Receive reports about traffic activity on your website, app, and social media.


Some of our systems, such as our support ticket system, will require some brief training. We will also provide social media training and training on how and where to post your video if you require it.


Support will be provided for all services. Any requests for content updates or edits can be sent through our support ticket system so they can be dealt with in a timely manner.