Web Development

Website Architects

PMI Pros custom builds websites from scratch in less than half the time it takes most web developers. We design native forms, slideshows, galleries, interactions, and simple animations in addition to integrating external features such as calendars, appointment signups, website chat, and more. We use Amazon Web Services for all our website hosting, so you can rest assured your website will be fast and secure.

We set up and integrate secure online shopping carts and help set up your store and teach you how to add and manage your products. The shopping cart can even integrate into your Facebook page so you can sell directly from Facebook.

We design websites with simple-to-use management systems (CMS) so you can easily add or update information on your site when needed without worrying about accidentally affecting the appearance of the design. We provide free one-on-one training on managing your website. If you don't want to update your website yourself, we can do it for you as a complimentary service to our customers.

One of the most important things we can offer is our advice. We have extensive experience in design and website building, and we can advise you on good practices when it comes to mobile-responsive design, user experience, usability, and what most web users do and don't want to see on a website. Yes, we can implement your ideas, but more importantly we help guide you when you aren't sure what your site visitors want.

And yes, we do create medical and legal websites as well as MLS-connected Real Estate sites!

Domain Management

PMI Pros has many years of experience in registering, maintaining, and obtaining domain names. We offer our clients domain name consulting with choosing a domain name, acquiring a lost domain, and registering and renewing domain names.

Logos & Corporate ID

Logo Design

Your brand is your assurance to customers that you deliver a respected and trusted standard of services and products. The logo is a critical component of branding as it is used throughout all your media and identifies who you are. Imagery and content is tied to the logo to define who you are, what you offer, and the quality you deliver.

Signs and Collateral

Collateral is anything you can hand out: brochures, flyers, rack cards, business cards, folders, booklets, etc. Branding your materials with a clear message is what a PMI Pros does best. Highly credentialed in all areas of print, print buying, and design gives our clients the team needed to getting your message across. Take a look at our portfolio to see a selection of some of the billboards and collateral we have designed.

Custom, Branded Packaging

Signs aren't the only way to get your brand seen. Boxes and labels are only boring when they don't have a great design. Wherever you want your brand to be, we can create a custom design to fit it. Whether it be packaging, CDs, labels, stickers, or anything else you can think up, we will always deliver the highest quality work.

Credit Card Processing

E-commerce for Any Size Business

If you have physical products and you aren't selling online, you are missing out on a great opportunity to reach your customers where they want to shop.

Includes processing, online terminal, shopping cart, and website and Facebook integration.

We help you save money by assisting with loading items into your online store, and we will connect you with a processor who offers more competitive rates than larger processors for the same service.

Secure E-mail Hosting

Whether you're aware of it or not, your email is probably not protected against unauthorized access. Security risks exist inside and outside an organization where breaches and privacy dangers grow unseen. One recommendation we make to businesses is to not use the e-mail setups in the same account as your website. If your website is blacklisted or goes down, it takes down your e-mail with your website or marks your e-mails as spam.

Most web hosting services offer little or no security or protection and you are on your own in solving your security problems. The security of your communications is at the very heart of PMI Pro's efforts. We enable you to secure your exchanges and guarantee that your e-mails get to your intended contact away from prying eyes. With our premium e-mail filtering services, you can keep unwanted entities out of your business.

We provide safe, solid, and secure e-mail solutions with premium filtering:

  • End-to-end email security
  • SSL and TLS for everything
  • Web and PDF form data to secure e-mail messages
  • HIPAA-compliant messaging available
  • Legitimate, well-optimized bulk mailing
  • No outsourced technical support; our support staff actually reads and responds to all issues
  • No infected servers—we lock them all down
  • Bounce, Open & Click, and Feedback Loop Tracking available
  • Many other features

Custom Forms

Secure, Well-Designed Forms

Businesses, organizations, and practices use many forms to gather information from their customers and patients. The security and privacy of the data in these forms is often a concern, and PMI Pros provides a solution with editable, secure forms. You can provide these forms online without having to accept handwritten responses and enter all the resulting data into your database, saving you time and even transcription errors. Our online PDF forms are designed with your branding and can be smoothly integrated into your website.

These HIPAA-compliant forms are filled out by the customer online and their data is encrypted and delivered to your secure mailbox/database. We can add calculations to the forms to suit your organization's needs. Whether you use patient information forms or employment applications, PMI Pros has an editable form solution for you.



Track Your Progress

We measure our performance by tracking marketing efforts and provide you with access to that information. Tracking is a key success factor in marketing your business; it helps you know where your marketing dollars should be spent, displays your website turnover rate, and lets you know you are not just throwing money to the wind.

PMI Pros uses online, reliable time tracking methods. This means wherever you are with Internet access, you can view the results of your marketing effort while it is happening in real time. This provides you with the data you need to decide if you want to change your marketing campaign or target to a different demographic.

Customer Support

You may want to make changes to your project. Unlike many other web developers, we do not charge for content updates to your website. We do request that you use our support ticket system. That way, we can more quickly respond to requests as well as track the issue’s history.

To expedite getting you solutions, PMI Pros provides a complete client portal allowing you to:

  • submit work orders
  • submit and review support tickets
  • check on project status
  • view, print, and pay invoices
  • sign up for new products and services
  • send testimonials
  • and more

Animated Business Cards

Tell Your Story

Going back to basics—the art of story telling—a PMI Pros KwikDraw Animation video can help any company tell their story. These simple animations keep your audience engaged 800% more than words on the screen and are 4 times more effective in delivering your message than talking head videos. PMI Pros creates memorable turnkey custom KwikDraw animation videos that convert prospects to customers. We manage the entire operation from script and audio to animation.

Explaining your company, its services, products and benefits provided to your customers is hard work. Why not make your work a little easier by using explainer videos? It can be there when and where you can’t be. Using social media, video sites, email, and your website, your message is passed along to potential customers around the world 24/7. Watch the demo.


Communicate with Images

Beautiful photography is an important step in creating a design which is pleasing to the eye, so we utilize a variety of options depending on the project to get the right image for you. We:

  • Direct photo shoots
  • Retouch photographs
  • Provide previously shot original photography
  • Select high quality stock photography

If you have your own photographer or want to take your own photos, we can be there to help guide the shoot so we can get  just the right shots for your website, print design, social media, and other needs. We occasionally conduct our own photo shoots on a case-by-case basis.

Our highly skilled design team has both experience and restraint in their photographic retouching to put your business in the best light without overdoing it.



Even the most well-designed website will fall flat without great writing. We write copy for websites, billboards, and for any marketing collateral that needs some text. Our copywriters have degrees in Writing and Rhetoric and are specifically trained to best appeal to your chosen audience.

Editing and Proofreading

If you have some writing that has all the right information but not the best editing, we can help with that too. Whether you need a small article or even a short book, we can edit that for you.


Search Engine Optimization helps your website show up higher on search engines. Well-edited website copy in addition to fitting meta titles and metadescriptions are some ways PMI Pros brings your website up in search engine rankings.